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Door mats: Butlers, Budai Kertcentrum, GOA HOME,  Kéttemplom Galéria, SKANDI Trend, Ribiszke Lakberendezés

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Stylist works Homes and Gardens Magazine, December 2012

Homes and Gardens Magazine, August-September 2012 – Column: Kitchens and Bathrooms

In purple mood

Here you can find the recipe – for those of you who have missed to buy the latest edition of Homes and Garden Magazine in December

Garden bed in free interpretation

“I dreaming of …. colorful bed clothes..”
Styling: LuiSpiiritSzerkény:  Mesita Kft – mesita.huFurniture knobs:  Butlers –,  Kéttemplom Galéria –,  IKEA – ikea.huPhoto:  Rajcsányi Artúr – foto-artur.huPlace:  SpiritHOME –

Stylist works Homes and Gardens Magazine, December 2012


Mexico is the land of colors and a mix of diverse styles. So there is nothing what could limit our imagination. Indian inspiration, Moorish architecture, baroque beauty, neo classicist shapes. You can find all of them in Mexico, even within one and the same building. But they always come back to their roots, no matter if it’s about Mayan-style houses, hacienda, or private villas in the Pacific. And the basis is a very simple but easy-to-form material: it’s loam. We can find some nice golden ornamental decorations on the loam and clay surfaces even in the Maya times. Later on loam was used in the construction works of different buildings by the Spanish colonists. Source:

How to vivify the clay? A great ceramist Dériné Vértes Zsuzsa has an answer for this question. She collects inspirations for her works of art from every corner of the world. Take a look at her gallery here: