Services – Prices

  • Consulting (personal and/or onsite)
  • Interior design works
  • Creating furnishing layouts
  • Space desing
  • Color desing
  • Technical drawings, layouts
  • Preparation of lightening desing
  • Preparation of pavement desing
  • 3D visualisation
  • Manual drawing
  • Dekoration and decoration desing layout
  • Furniture desing
  • Foreman activities

The range of the services from consulting through visualisation to the complete implementation is wide. The projects usually start with interviews and some short assessment of notions, then based on needs and finalized ideas the personalized target price will be set.

To get a point-to-the job offer please contact me. Click on Contact to see my contact details.


Net prices of services (general prices):

Furnishings (of full or partial department):             6 – 16 000 Ft / m²
Furniture design:                                                        15 000 Ft / hour
3D visualization:                                                         15 000 Ft /hour
Home staging:                                                             15 000 Ft /hour
Advisory hours, conducting, supporting purchasing:      15 000 Ft for the first hour, and

6 500 Ft for every hour above this